Oz on Leaders- Lessons From A Fairytale

I think most anyone would find this interesting and enlightening. Check it out!

Performance Management Counseling

Oh, that wonderful wizard of Oz.  What profound lessons in leadership he teaches us through the characters in this classic 1939 tale of three misfits, a lost girl and her dog.  As you recall, the movie chronicles the journey of a lion, scarecrow and a tin man as they accompany Dorothy and her dog Toto on her journey to see the all-powerful Wizard of Oz.  It is a mesmerizing tale that has captured the hearts of audiences more than a half century.  But have you ever considered the lessons in management and leadership that it teaches? 


The Lion– lacking the courage that his status as “king of the jungle” commands.  The crippling effects of which make him incapable of living out his reign as sovereign of the jungle.  How often have you see “lack of courage” destroy the effectiveness of an otherwise competent manager?  Leading others requires making…

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