There is much clamoring from religious men and women (of which I count myself) for a life of purpose.

For many, this purposefulness is the renowned mark of their lives.  

But while it extends to the boundaries of their personal lives, they do not carry it into their lives of work.

And this is such a tragedy for all. 

I cannot imagine the joy I would miss if I were to consider my vocation only a means of provision for my family or a place of personal achievement-if this place of work were more:

                      for taking than for giving

                      for seeking acclaim more than offering encouragement

                      for being cherished more than giving love

Some of the greatest moments of my life have occurred during the countless hours I spend at work.  And this should be of no surprise as I offer up my most conscious and alert hours to this calling. 

I consider the skills and talents I possess

                      first freely given as a gift to me

                      and now holding the promise to serve as a blessing to others.   


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