Golden Ears

Great post worth reading over. Pt #3 in particular I find is often overlooked and wrote about this in a post called “the salience of silence”.

Aspiring 2 Entrepreneur


The topic that I am going to expose today is not directed for any type of job in particular, it is useful for everyone whether you are a business person, a physician or a teacher.

I would like to transmit to you the importance of a good communication. Sometimes, when we think about communicate, the first thing that comes to our mind is: Talk, dialogue, and argument. Well, a good communication, beyond talking also involves listening. It can, somehow, sound very basic however, sometimes, listening is more important than talking.

Am I a good listener?

  1. Pay attention – Most people have an instinctive feel for who wants to listen and who doesn’t. If we get enthusiastic about the subject being discussed, we tend to disperse our attention, stop listening, and focus only on what we are going to say next, what should I say.
  2. Show that you are listening – Ok…

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